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Adtel Classified Search Form [CLOSED FOR GENERAL PUBLIC]

Database Contents

This database is a new application for Adtelfree, it allows advanced searching over the whole classified database and even allows you to have listings emailed to you on a regular basis.

1. To find what you want, you can use the top box in the search form type in eg Computers. You can also use this box to search for other criteria eg Reference No (just type it in if you noted it before), or look for items for sale or services with particular aspects eg in UK, North America etc. Use the other boxes to refine your search, eg to select a suitable price range and date.

2. The detailed information is revealed by clicking on the open book item. open.gif - 0.18 K

3. Note the details and reference number e.g No. 10050 and then contact the seller.

4. The format for the date field is 21-Apr-00.