Fishing on the Roseland

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 Good big dog fish  Sea fishing around the Roseland Whether you want to fish off the rocks, plenty of mackerel and seabass, or off our local beach of Carne and Pendower which join at low tide, sea beam, sea bass and pollock, there is plenty to catch. In our local waters we have many other different varieties.John Dorie, Gurnard and Monk Fish (Lot in France), Whiting to name but a few. I would be happy to show you the best places and act as your gillie. If you fancy fishing from a boat we can introduce you to alocal boatman who will take you out, there are plenty of good wrecks we fish from Mevagisey and the fish in the pictures was all caught on a recent day out. I can provide you with bait and rods if you are travelling light. Ben Taylor 01872501  
 Not a bad catch!    Me and my brother Neil

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