Caerhays Castle and Gardens

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 Caerhays Castle designed by John Nash    
 Caerhays Castle and Gardens  Caerhays Castle was undertaken in 1807 with the commissioning of  John Nash (architect of the Brighton Pavilion, Regent Street, Regent Park and Buckingham Palace).  Now, on a great sloping hillside 100 acres in extent and leading down to the edge of the sea, it has one of the world's great collections of camellias, magnolias and rhododendrons and much else besides.  In 1905/06 some of the first imported specimens of Chinese flora were planted at the estate and many of these are still in their original sites.  Later introductions were sent from China via the Arnold Arboretum in the USA and one of the great botanists of the time, Professor Sargent.  The founder of the garden was John Charles Williams famous for the Williamsii camellias and the Williamsianum rhododendron. It is a plantsman's paradise. These marvellous gardens are open in early Spring. For more information on Caerhays and opening dates for Garden and house and see also list of principal Cornish gardens    Caerhays Castle main entrance Spring 2000
 Porthluney beach with Caerhays Castle in the background    Camelia Japonica Alba Simplex

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