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Free availability calendar
Or use the dropdown list below for prices, months and special dates eg Christmas and Easter.


1. To find the latest prices and dates available type in e.g. Sep or 02-Sep. Remember to choose the date of the change-over day eg Friday. To select a particular list price, type Price 405 (ie leaving space). You can use a combination try pasting "manor {List_Price} <600 "(without the external "s) in the search box - ie this will give you the prices of Manor Court less than 600- or searching for a specific date for Manor Court in September, try "Manor 02-sep " (without the external "s) or just leave the box blank for the full list (see 3 below).

2. The full format for the date field is 02-sep-11, but you can use 16-sep, 02-sep (you must use two digits (and all date entries will be on the the date of the change-over day say, Friday) or just apr to see what is available for a particular date.

3. To see all the dates, leave the searchbox blank or just click on any "go" icon

4. The detailed information is revealed by clicking on the open book item.open.gif - 0.18 K

5. To make a booking enquiry.Easiest to book on line or if you have a query you can ring +4401872 264441 or fill in the form or send an email reservations@cornwallscottages.co.uk.

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